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The following is a list of actuarial and university websites.


Actuarial Institutes and Organisations

Institute of Actuaries of Australia

ActEd Australasia

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Actuarial Foundation

Actuarial Society of Hong Kong

Actuarial Society of India

Actuarial Society of Malaysia

Actuarial Society of South Africa

American Academy of Actuaries

Canadian Institute of Actuaries

Casualty Actuarial Society

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versicherungsmathematike.V

Institute of Actuaries / Faculty of Actuaries

Institute of Actuaries of Japan

Instituto de Actuarios Españoles Colegio Profesional

International Actuarial Association

New Zealand Society of Actuaries

Society of Actuaries

Society of Actuaries in Ireland


Actuarial Departments of Australian Universities

University of Melbourne

Australian National University

Macquarie University

University of New South Wales




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